Monday, September 25, 2006

Tour of my freezer

You asked, I provide (and yes, dear sister, there is a system. Even worse, pretty much everything except the leftovers can always be found in my freezer with minor variations on brand of coffee and style of fancy bread (often it's Turkish instead of Italian. And yes, all my containers are either black or white. Who would have guessed?)

From top left(ish) to bottom right(ish):

In the Stuff to keep things cold category:
* Plastic icecubes for when I buy a bottle (or cask!) of wine which is at room temperature. White cubes only. (I bought three packets of the suckers and gave away the blue and purple ones.)
* Two slickers for picnics.
* One new wine chiller thanks to Princess B. Black and white (of course)

In the Stuff to use as a base for a meal category:
* Three lots of "fresh" pasta with ricotta and spinach. I went to buy a two person pack and realised a four person pack was a whopping .30 cents more. So I now have three lots of "fresh" pasta in my freezer. Cost per meal: around $1.50 including sauce.

* (behind the pasta) A single serve of Mexican chilli beans for nachos or beans and rice, a one-meal amount of evaporated milk, a container of frozen wine and lemon zest to use as a base for risotto, a single serve of pasta sauce.
* Individual pizza bases (see
* Frozen fish. In case I feel like Fush und chups.

In the Stuff mainly for breakfast category:
* Burgen
fruit and muesli loaf. For breakfast. Toasted.
* Burgen
soy and linseed bread. Oddly enough, also for breakfast (but also sometimes for lunch)
* Leftover Italian bread from a craft catch up.
* (Not seen) Gluten free Parmesan and Onion bread from
Deeks waiting for Princess B's return.
* Crumpets.... Yummy.... Bought only when on special and then split into zip lock bags in twos ready for breakfast, lunch or sometimes even dinner.

In the Stuff for those times when I can't be shagged cooking but am starving right now category:
* Pasta leftovers. At the moment I have fettucine with mushrooms, blue brie and parley and penne with eggplant and black olives in a tomato sauce.
* Soup. Currently these are full of Alison Holst's Alphabet Soup. 15 minutes to make. I won't give you the recipe. Go buy the cookbook
* Rice (see Mexican chilli beans above, Also handy for making sweet chilli tuna with peas and corn when the cupboards are particularly bare because I've spent the grocery money yet again on gallavanting not groceries.)

* Leftover Pumpkin and Baby Spinach Risotto. Not from here but the same recipe.

Then there's the freezer door:
Top shelf: Stuff to make life taste better
* Butter for baking.
* Frozen grated cheese
* Coffee for those rare occasions when I want to make a pot at home.

Bottom shelf: Stuff to use when I'm out of fresh vegetables
* Frozen peas
* Frozen corn
* Frozen stir fry veges

Hmm... Let me count... Over 20 dinners (or lunches). Not bad for one small freezer.....

(Listening to: Erasure, Chorus)


pinar said...

this is not a freezer.. this is a frozenfood-theque..
I'm impressed..
you can have the red lentil couscous and rice soup's receipt from my blog.. very satisfying..easy..and freeze-able..
I don't see ani chopped onion and grated tomato.. I freeze them too.. but.. mine doen't look that usually is in must have been somewhere in here.. state..

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for the compliment (I think?)

Grated tomato - interesting concept... And I always have fresh onion in my onion container so don't need frozen. Your soup is now on my list of recipes to try.

lazylol said...

Wow - I'm impressed. I need to get my freezer organised. Half the stuff you mentioned I never even thought to freeze. Now my brain is working overtime with all the ideas you've given me.
I just found your blog today and I will keep reading, it's great.

Mondo Viagiatore said...

Hi there - can you come organise my freezer. You will need to come every fortnight!!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Mondo - certainly!

The Shopping Sherpa works in all areas of organising your shopping to be less stressful and more fulfilling.

I also do fridges and cupboards...