Saturday, September 02, 2006

NZ Frugalling report part two: The Kiwi stuff

I bought a few souvenirs while I was in New Zealand, but not the sort you'd normally expect.This vintage New Zealand edition Monopoly game was $NZ18 from Pegasus Books in Cuba Mall. All the street, station and utility names are places in New Zealand. I think Dad would have grabbed it if I'd not decided it had to come home with me. Milk bottles, $NZ7 for both at a junque shop in Petone (sorry, can't for the life of me remember the name of it). Old Whitcombe's story books and School Journal, NZ 50 cents each from a second hand shop on Molesworth Street and two 50 cent NZ cassettes which were from Salvos Lower Hutt. Which is where I found this mint in box stainless steel tray and corn fork set for $NZ3.50.

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Mondo Viaggiatore said...

I love "what Katy did at school" and every other "what Katy did" and at about 14 thought I wanted to be her!!

June said...

Is a School Journal a blank book for writing in--or is it a "reading book"?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

It's a reader provded by the government: "Since 1907 the School Journal has been one of the most important literary resources for children and teachers in New Zealand schools. Many New Zealand children's writers of note have started their careers with the School Journal.

The School Journal, Junior Journal, Journal of Young People's writing, Connected and the School Journal Story Library are published by Learning Media, and widely distributed to new Zealand schools."

More info here: