Friday, September 15, 2006

On the road again...

It would seem I've become incapable of staying in one place very long as here I am in Sydney again for more work stuff followed by a weekend with Princess B. Odd, really, we seem to see each other more often than I see some of my friends who live in the same city as me. Maybe that's because I've hardly been at home over the past few months.

Anyway - greetings from The Medina Crows Nest where I'm propped up in bed wondering how it is that I forgot to pick up any breakfast supplies yesterday. Which means I probably need to get up and venture forth to fossic for breakfast very soon.

I went to the pictures last night to see Unfolding Florence and discovered the most amazing picture theatre - The Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne. Did I take my camera? No. So you'll just have to cope with a link to the beautiful deco style theatre we were in. I now desperately want to go to a Wurlitzer performance there...

And speaking of beautiful theatres that I've never been to, tomorrow night Princess B is taking me to The State Theatre to see Eurobeat: almost Eurovision. How exciting!

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