Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Things that are making me happy at the moment

1. Spring! (need I say more?) And spring rain which is very welcome.

2. The new
Poco Profile diary refills for 2007 are out and I've ordered mine.

3. The new
IKEA catalogue is due out (I've been told home delivery starts today and it'll be in stores on the 18th.)

4. The September US Vogue arrived this morning and boy is it a fatty (unlike the people within it!)

5. I discovered
Real Simple at the local Newsagents - it looks like they are bringing it into Australia finally so no more trawling eBay for back issues or trying to justify $14 for a copy at Borders in Sydney. (And before you asked, yes I subscribed but discovered that renewing my sub was not at all Real Simple so gave up in disgust) Real Living and Notebook are pale imitations in my humble opinion. (Which reminds me: Thanks Mum, for saving your back issues of Notebook for me to read!)

6. I'm off to a presentation this evening on river cruising in Europe so I can collect some information for my planned 2008 trip.

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