Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Saturday in Sydney

The Royal Household awoke early Saturday morning and set out into a wonderful sunny Sydney day. First stop (8am! Before breakfast!) was Orange Grove Markets in Leichhardt to pick up supplies.Then the world was set to rights over breakfast at The Barn in Rozelle(which gets my vote for funkiest toilet in town)giving us the strength and fortitude to deal with the important part of the day: frugalling!Luckily in Rozelle there is a Vinnies and Salvos across the road from each other.Pickings were slim at the Salvos but the Vinnies did me good with 4 books for $14 (two are heading off as gifts) plus a Fat Boy Slim and a Stellar CD for $3 each. Find of the Day was this folding cake stand for Princess B ($3). She's been wanting one for a while so I was pretty happy to find one on the shelf at Vinnies. Pretending it's not Use What you Have Month *ahem* we can now admire the fabric ($2), leather button set ($3), self cover buttons (check out the groovy packaging! $1) and, in second place for Find of the Day, an Opal sock kit which looks complete except for 1 missing stitch marker ($2). Not that I really have any interest in sock knitting so I think this will probably be heading southwards.Oh, did I forget to mention the Rozelle Markets were on a mere block away? Oh dear. We just had to have a wee explore but I was very restrained (over my frugalling budget already) but managed to convince myself that $20 total for this, this, this and this was worth bending the rules for.And it was still before lunch.In the afternoon I finally made it in to Kinokuniya to see what all the fuss about Japanese crafting books was about. Spent a very happy hour browsing through several shelves of them but came away empty handed. For now. Such restraint! Actually I figured I could justify an under $10 frugalling lapse from Use What you Have Month but not a whopping great $100 fall from the wagon. So I went back to Princess B's (she was out attending a 2 year old's birthday party), put my feet up and read one of my towering pile of books-to-be-read.Had to conserve my energy for the big night out....

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