Friday, September 01, 2006

NZ Frugalling report part one: The free stuff

(Left to right, top to bottom)
1. A book from my Mum who had finished it and thought I might enjoy it.
2. A vintage wire office intray which Dad insisted on paying for when I spotted it for $NZ3 at Steptoe and Sons in Upper Hutt.
3. A 1963 copy of New Idea which the chap at the Strathmore op shop gave me when I bought the $NZ3 suitcase.
4. A champagne glass from
The Good Luck Bar which they let me souvenir.
5. My Grandmother posted me down a copy of her poetry book when I mentioned I didn't have a copy. Can't wait to have the time to read it.
6. Dad's old metal Comet stapler which he's replaced with a whizz-bang plastic stand up one. I've always loved this stapler so he let me take it home with me.
7. White plastic daisy container similar to one I had when I was a kid. Also given to me by the Strathmore op shop.
8. Soap from The Museum Hotel bathroom.
9. Free diary refill which I was given by Kingston Leathergoods when I asked them if they still made leather filofax covers. (The answer was, unfortunately, no)
10. Notebook my mother bought me.
11. Vintage wooden ruler Dad also insisted on paying for ($NZ10 from Steptoe and Sons)
12. 50 cent Six Volt (a Kiwi band from the 1980s with very little web presence) cassette Dad paid for as well. From the Weasley op shop in Upper Hutt.
13. New York taxi cab magnet Princess B had spare. I forgot to buy one when we were in New York.
14-18. (Not shown as they're still at Princess B's) Five design books Princess B rescued from the discard pile at work. Pictures and skiting to follow when I have picked them up!

(Yes, I'm a truely spoilt gal and have many many people I need to thank profusely once I finally return home tonight...)

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