Monday, September 11, 2006

The End (almost)

Once upon a time, many months ago there was a fair maiden with a pumpkin patch and a very generous nature.

The bounty from the patch was spread far and wide (well, at the very least across a bit of North Canberra) and came in very handy on a number of occasions.

But tonight, at Monday Night Catch Up, the final pumpkin was cut and the resulting meal (a pumpkin and bean stew served on a bed of couscous with coriander and fresh dates, in case you're interested) was shared with the Catcher Uppers. We even got doggy bags to take home for lunch tomorrow and a final hunk of pumpkin each to remember the *ahem* incredible journey which was the past 7 months.

Of course with all the pumpkin J has been eating this year and all the seeds she's been putting into her compost heap I expect there will be another pumpkin explosion at her house in about 5 months time...

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