Sunday, September 03, 2006

NZ Frugalling report part three: The Swap stuff

I couldn't forget my blogging buddies while I was away, particularly when I came across a plastic bin full of fabric bits at Salvos in Kilbirnie, all NZ 50 cents each (see above for the pieces I picked)
Then Tracy and I discovered the two Rebound Clothing stores in The Hutt. And I discovered the table cloths above. From left: $NZ1.45, $NZ$2.20 and $NZ1.75.

They each have some small marks but I figure they'll probably come out with a little gentle persuasion and, if not, you could just position items over the marks and no one would be any the wiser!
I also found these placemat sets at Rebound Clothing. The red set comprises two placemats and two matching napkins ($NZ for the lot) and the green set four placemats ($NZ 2.45 for the lot). The white and blue china plate (marked Snowhite Johnson Bros Engadine) was $NZ1 at Salvos Miramar and the green Melamine saucers were NZ 50 cents each from the same place.

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Martha said...

Frickin small world. The green placemats with the purty ladies were about the only thing I liked at Rebound when I went there a couple of weeks ago...