Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Diversion therapy

What I should have been doing last night:

* Business accounts for the taxman.
* Making and writing a Thank You card to my Grandmother who kindly sent me a copy of one of her poetry books when I mentioned I didn't have it.
* Starting my proposal for the CMAG Cabinets of Curiosities exhibition .
* Writing to Cuzzy C (many many months overdue).

What I actually did last night:

* Sewed a set of shoe bags for S, who is heading off to India on Thursday. Another excuse for a Use What You Have Month project, these are made of frugalled denim and some calico scraps I found in a thrift shop in Philadelphia. S said she likes bright colours and blue so I hope this fits the bill. And the new improved version comes with a pouch to keep the bags in.* Framed the three enlargements I bought from Kodak Gallery yonks ago, using $7.99 frames and mats from Go Lo. Not sure where exactly I'm going to be able to shoehorn them onto the walls (would it be terribly naff to put the clothespin photo up in the laundry?) * Ripped apart the seams on a pair of $1 baby jeans I frugalled from Vinnies in Chatswood. I think they're about to morph into cushions. But not for me.*Speaking of not for me, I hatched a plot for a gifty for a blogging buddy. Not sure if it's going to work but here's a sneak peek anyway...


Anonymous said...

Those photos are stunning. Did you take them yourself?

Taphophile said...

Very creative diversions, though - framed pics look great.