Friday, March 30, 2007

Feeling like it's been...

...with less than 21 hours to go.

Today was particularly difficult with the urge to

a) go buy lunch at my favorite Thai place
b) check out what new wool Colleen had brought in

But I held steady. I was a little disappointed that a neighbour I helped out with a lift to town a couple of days ago who said "I owe you big time" didn't actually come through when I said chocolate would be more than enough recompense. Maybe I should have made it clear the deliveries of chocolate RIGHT NOW was the only practical option.

Oh - and the odd thing is I'm seriously considering giving myself 24 hours off (to act like a normal human being with friends in town and also buy some much needed grocery supplies) and then heading straight into another week of Fiscal Fasting. How mad am I?

(Eternity picture taken on the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk)

Money spent since last Saturday: $0

(Listening to: Jimmy Somerville, Read my lips)

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