Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wild thing, you make my heart sing...

I woke up this morning not feeling my usual bouncy self (and, dammit, it wasn't self inflicted!) so there was only one thing to do - spend the day in bed with English Vogue, a pile of CDs and my knitting.

Remember I bought a pile of green wool a couple of month ago to make this jumper for E?

When I pulled out the pattern (which has been lurking for over a year) I realised it only went up to a 9 month old size. And E turns one next week. So, once again, I was in Jumper Based on a True Pattern territory. As usual.

I used a hoodie pattern I've used before for him, but knitted it up in the biggest size so he should be able to wear it through to about 3 years old. And, not being able to leave well enough alone (also, as usual) I changed the side opening pockets to top opening pockets (all the better to keep 3 year old's treasures in) and added button holes to the front instead of a zip.

The only part of the original pattern I used was the dinosaur spikes. Which, of course, I changed as well.

And today I finally finished it (except for the buttons which I suspect will require a trip to HobbySew as I want five buttons of the same design but in red, yellow, blue and green):
Gratuitous close up of the spikes:Now please excuse me, I'm heading back to bed to start something new. I'm not sure what yet but I have my suspicions...

(Listening to: Cafe del Mar Vol 8)


Taph said...

Clever, clever woman - the dino hoodie is gorgeous. :)

Margie said...

Oh I love it!