Thursday, March 29, 2007

Money spent: nothing ('cause the drinks were free)

This not spending malarkey isn't too bad at all....

Here's the lovely John at Das Kapital pouring me a wine at an industry function this afternoon. (I'm impressed - I haven't been in since last month and he remembered which wine I liked...)
Here's the free glass of water I had at Wagamama where Aunty A, her Dad and J were dining - I arrived late and full of Das Kapital pizza so didn't feel like anything...Especially since, as I suspected, when we went upstairs to the Borders industry function (with more free wine!) they had a lavish spread of fruits and cheeses and crackers. And Minties (which I thought a rather odd addition. And, you'll be pleased to hear, I refrained from filling my pockets with...)

Day Five (and I'm still alive)
Total spent: $0

(Listening to: Jane Siberry, When I was a boy)

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Taphophile said...

Well done - nothing like a free feed and booze. Missed both functions and still sick. :(