Thursday, March 01, 2007


Lookie here, all shipshape and Bristol fashion.

Which it should be after I shelled out $145.20 to get it fixed. Gulp! Rather a bit more than I was hoping which has caused the possibility of buying a new car stereo to disappear much further into the future.

Hence the sigh.

Luckily I don't miss having music in the car as much as I thought I might. Probably because I spent so many years tootling round on the Vespa supplying my own musical entertainment, which is what I'm doing now when Miss Daisy and I go out.

And it's interesting to see what pops into my head. I find myself singing songs I sang in choir when I was 10. Playground songs from earlier. Very obscure tracks from the 80s (and 70s when you count Mother Goose's Baked Beans.) Ancient TV commercial songs ("And Hugo said "you go" and I said "no you go" and soon he was back with the pack..." ) and songs I remember from the first radio I ever owned, circa 1977 (which means I find myself humming "Sky rockets at night, afternoon deliiiiight" or "Carrie doesn't live here anymooore..." Oh dear.)

(Listening to: Otautahi Allstars, Otautahi Allstars)


Taphophile said...

Oh dear - thanks for infecting my brain with THOSE songs!

Glad you got the music back, though. :)

We got to meet Twitchy Fingers at SnB tonight - she's lovely and had her very gorgeous bright red bag with her. Are you sure you won't break your self-imposed Starbucks ban?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I will, I will!

I just utterly forgot to check your blog for times and hard wire them into my diary....

Olivia said...

It was lovely to meet you on Sunday. I do go to Starbucks but I also liked your Tilley's idea - wonder if we would be welcome there.

I still sometimes sing songs from high school choir, in the shower.