Saturday, March 31, 2007

I made it!

Princess B is in shock that I managed a whole week without spending money (or is it just that she's realised she's paying for breakfast?)
Tim at Shi provided free champagne...and 4:02 pm saw me buying chocolate!

Day Seven: Total spent in the week 4pm last Saturday to 4pm this Saturday: $0.

(Listening to: Joss Stone, Introducing Joss Stone)


Anonymous said...

Hey Anna-Maria, never really knew how to leave commments. I thought i may as well try and its waaay easier than i had thought. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3! ehem...anyhow, i thought the pirate jumper was cute!! Also, whoa, no spending!! Im proud of you!!! i couldnt do that!!! so yay. Mmmm...chocolates good!! Glad to see u love ur chocolate (Im addicted so its like, "yay...maybe it might run in the family!!!") lotsa love, take care - Ceiridwen

shanna said...

yea for finally getting some chocolate!!! and not spending for a week! whoo hoo!

the bottle of champagne! ack! it says pink!!!

Sandra said...

Met your Mum & Dad at Warehouse last night. (Shopping must run in the blood!!)
They told me about your blog - so I tracked you down.
Glad to see some things never change (and really glad you got rid of the scary pink ribbon on the very funky pj'S)
Mini good wishes and have lots of fun!!

KARA said...

Well done I am sooo pleased for you, thats really great news, I don't think there is any way I could do it, no matter how much I need too.


P.s. That chocolate looks like you really enjoyed it.xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a successful fiscally frugal week!

(my week of abject poverty was alleviated by finding a $50 note down the back of the dressing tables while changing my room furniture around. It was a moment of great joy.)

Kerry :)

melissa said...

wow- well done! that's impressive. you deserved that chocolate.

Anonymous said...

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