Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day three and free tea!

I attended my second ever Stitch 'n' Bitch tonight - after a scary moment where the idiotic doorman at the Southern Cross Club told me they didn't do visitor passes and I'd therefore have to pay $10 to join. After wailing "But I'm not allowed to spend any money!" I called Taph and she came and signed me in. No visitor passes indeed. Pah!

I took my pirate jumper to work on...and achieved rather a lot!And since the club provides free tea and coffee I didn't have to be tempted to fall off the wagon to buy a drink. Which was excellent! (Unlike the tea but what do you expect for free?)Dollars spent so far: 0
Fudge remaining: 0 (Drat!)
1980s pop stars spotted: 0 (Double drat!)


Taphophile said...

Oh come on - that large than life sized poster of Howard Jones counts as at least a half a sighting of an 80s pop star.

Helen said...

OMigod - you know how to do intarsia! - you really are my knitting heroine.

Could I possibly get there one day?

Love the jolly roger, BTW.