Friday, March 09, 2007

I need help!

V turned up this afternoon with some wool from Vinnies she hoped I'd knit into a V neck sleeveless vest for E (who turns one next week.)

It's 8 ply, 135g in total.

The only pattern I have starts at size 2 and says it needs four 50g balls (which seems rather a lot)

So.... do you think I can manage to squeeze a vest out of just over two balls and, if so, you don't happen to have a pattern I could use?

(Of course, ideally it would look like t
his but just plain would be fine too)

Or do I need to talk V into a change of plan and use this wool instead?

(Listening to: Beastie Boys,
The in sound from way out!)


Taphophile said...

You really need about 4 balls, unless E would like lace ;) Heavy striping perhaps?

twitchy fingers said...
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twitchy fingers said...

I searched my pattern library for you, but to no avail. Sorry! I did, however, find this...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hmmm.... Maybe I could do a super-cropped jobbie and try to tell V the 80s are back in?

No, I think some major striping is ahead. Thanks anyway girls...