Friday, March 23, 2007

Wired for sound!

This is what I currently have sitting in the front passenger's side of Miss Daisy:Which can mean only one thing. Yep, I finally bought a new car stereo! With a CD player!
Which, in typical TSS style ended up costing more than originally planned.

It went like this:

I walk into the car stereo shop and tell the chap behind the counter that I'd like to (finally) buy the JVC car stereo he showed me in January. Which, of course, has gone up in price (but only by $3). While I'm waiting for him to see how long it would take to install I wander over to look at it and admire its sleek minimalist lines.

Except it's actually switched on (unlike on my first visit). And there's some sort of mad disco thing happening with the display.

"Ermm... does it always do that?" I ask worriedly.

The sales chap looks at me as if I'm mad (which seems to be becoming a theme for me in places to do with CD players) "Well that's in display mode but it will show you blah blah blah (OK, so my brain switched off when it came to the intricacies of what output would be pulsatingly displayed on my stereo.)

I look around wildly and spot a Pioneer stereo for the same price which is also switched on but sitting there so much more sedately. "Can I have that one instead?" I bleat pathetically, happy to have narrowly averted having a non stop disco installed in Miss Daisy which (I'm sure) would have been most distracting and thus terribly terribly unsafe.

The chap pulls his calculator out again and plays what looked like a game of Space Invaders on it. "It will cost you an extra $30" he mutters.

"How come when they both have the same price tag on them?"

"I gave you a discount on the first one"

Bloody typical. I cough up the extra $30. It's worth it. To paraphrase William Morris: Have nothing in your car which is not useful or beautiful. (Preferably both - that's my addition)

And, just in case you're interested, the very first track I played on my brand spanking new CD player was this.


shanna said...

yea! you an miss daisy can rock the tunes now!! (er, do they even say that now?? rock the tunes...i'm so behind!)

Lara said...

I love B(if)tek! Hope you enjoy the new toonz.