Monday, March 19, 2007

Uh, yeah, hello there *waves weakly*

Back home after a (*counts on fingers*) 5 day break in Sydney. Completely buggered. Managed to get much more carry on baggage than I should have onto the Dash 8 flight home. Could tell you all about the (*counts on fingers*) 7 op shops I visited in Sydney but then you'd want pictures of my haul and, as it's 7pm, the light is crap so that will have to wait til tomorrow.

Princess B and I went to IKEA today. I bought some good things. But things too big to cram into an overhead locker on a Dash 8 so Princess B and The Queen of Maryville will be delivering them when they come to Canberra in two week's time for Cirque du Soleil. I also bought very cool PJs on sale at Holy Sheet. (I must have left The Voice of Frugal Reason at home in Canberra - hurrah!)

I've been dodging The Snot Monster all weekend, trying to tell myself it's actually an allergic reaction to...errr... plane trees. I could actually be correct about the allergic reaction as I've all dried up and cleared up since I landed at Canberra Airport. Unfortunately I also had the Blood Nose Monster (a very old friend of the family) visiting fairly regularly while I was in Sydney which has not made for a very relaxing time at all.

(Listening to: Everything but the Girl, Tempermental)

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