Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Shopping Sherpa decides not to (shop, that is)

In the last week I've spent a lot. And I'm feeling like you do after a particularly full-on food-laden Christmas Day, sitting in the corner clutching your stomach and moaning that you'll never eat again (metaphotically and fiscally speaking, of course).

So I decided to do the equivalent of a fiscal detox. For the next week, starting from right now, I'm going on a Fiscal Fast. I'm going to try to spend no money whatsoever. Not a cent*.(*You knew there'd be an asterisk, didn't you?! OK, I've decided I can spend money on claimable stuff for work and pay any bills that might fall due during the week. I'm also trying to decide if I get a "Get out of jail free" card, especially as Princess B and The Queen of Maryville will be down this Saturday for Cirque Du Soleil)

(Listening to: Nordic Lounge Vol 1)


Helen said...

I hope you grocery shopped recently!


x Helen

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Last Thursday but I'm already out of some essential basics like potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, zuchinni, smoked salmon, and, sadly, chocolate...

Should have though this through a little more (maybe the Easter Bunny will come early and solve that last problem?)

Margie said...

Ooh. Tough!
Pasta with cheese?
I think even a work-week would be impressive with no spending.