Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today was:

* Knitting a new jumper for winter (with stripes, natch).
* Convincing the Nibbsmeister that my knitting needles aren't something that needs to be killed.
* Breaking in a new pair of the ubiquitous Target black ballet flats (also for winter).
* Wearing my new frugalled denim skirt for the first time. New (old) clothes are very exciting.
* Receiving a letter from Cuzzy C in Nuw Zuld
* Knowing that L has headed off to the USA and UK where she has strict instructions to buy me Method hand soap refills and Boots toothbrushes.
* Drinking cheap Banrock Station wine because I'm out of $1.99 bottles of white.
* Doing a little lunchtime frugalling (details to come later)
* Catching up with AU marie claire, UK Vogue and US Elle. And being very excited that the one piece of winter clothing I bought new (from Target) for this year is featured on page 196 of AU April 2007 marie claire. I may be broke* but it would seem I still have style!

(Listening to: Enigma, MCMXC A.D.)

*Actually not broke but in severe "pay off debt" mode. Same thing, really....

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