Monday, March 26, 2007

It was 20 year ago today*

Dear Jim

I'm gutted that I won't be able to see you play tomorrow night.

Last year I had a good excuse. This year you're a) closer to home and b) as far as I'm aware not sold out.

But I'm still not coming to see you play.

Even though your latest album is custom-made for me. (And no, I don't actually have a copy yet)

I could have changed my mind at the last minute, I know. But you see I'm on a 7 day fiscal fast. And no matter how I try I really can't see a justification for spending $99 to see you play. Much as I'd like to.

You were great in 1986 (or was it 1987?). I saw you live at the Wellington Town Hall. I was wearing my black lace-up ankle boots, my satin suit pants, matching black brocade vest and a white shirt (hanging out - just like yours was that night)

I remember buying my very first tour T shirt. And when Mel Gaynor threw his drumsticks into the crowd I managed to get my foot firmly on them and argued with the chap who wrenched them out from under until we broke them in half and I took home the end that had been held. They lived on my bedroom windowsill for many years next to the Perrier bottle that Cy Curnin had used during The Fixx's Wellington Concert.

So you can see that missing your concert almost 20 years on is a pretty big deal (if you'd like to arrange a free ticket, feel free. It is almost my birthday, after all...).

Tomorrow night I plan to go to the gym then on to Stitch 'n' Bitch. I have a new CD player in my car so I will load up with this this and this to play on the way. I plan to play Love Song at least a kazillion times in a row. Very loudly. And sing along.

And maybe on the way home I'll swing past the AIS and see if I can hear anything from outside. Although I doubt I'll be lucky enough to find a spot like the old garage roof outside Athletic Park in Wellington that I saw the entire Eurythmics Concert from for free.

Yours in dejected fandom
The Shopping Sherpa

PS: Great article in Panorama last week, BTW, although I'm not sure about denim on both halves, no matter what Queer Eye have to say.

PPS: I still have a crush on you, dammit!

(* Or thereabouts)


Taphophile said...


Carson said...'s so funny.
you both look so excited yet contained yet earnest.
and "Lovesong" was on my personal top10 in about..what was it? 1981?
Is all this nostalgia really showing our age?

Helen said...

Isn't he great - saw him interviewed on NZ TV last year and he was very sweet and well, 'normal'.

How is frugal week going? Let me know if you need me to fastpost you a tin of baked beans!

x Helen