Sunday, March 04, 2007

We popped up to visit the Governor General this morning

As you do...But first Aunty A and I had breakfast at The Yarralumla Gallery as it was such a perfect morning weatherwise. (Love the awning: art and architecture. Don't love that the service was so appallingly slow. We arrived for breakfast and by the time our food arrived we could have called it an early lunch)

Then it was off up the road to visit The Governor General. But it would seem a lot of other people had the same idea:So we didn't go in, just skulked round in the garden, listening to Peter and the Wolf which started just as we arrived (and brought back memories for us both - although we discovered the version I knew was narrated by David Bowie and Aunty A's by Dame Edna Everage...)and lusting after the architecture. I want to live here:
(after removing the pergola on the upstairs terrace.)

And Aunty A seemed rather fond of the old Butler's cottage next door (a typical early style of house in Canberra)We've decided we'll come back next year and arrive first thing so we can see inside before having a picnic brunch in the grounds.
(Listening to: Savage Garden, Affirmation)


telfair said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like a spectacular day in Canberra.

I'm with Aunty -- loved the butler's cottage. But the coffee shop / pottery shop in the first picture was so beautiful too!

Lisa Y said...

We wanted a brunch at the same Yarralumla cafe on that same day but it was busy, reserved and the staff weren't interested in finding a table for us. How disappointing ....