Saturday, March 10, 2007

Second Hand Saturday - Across the border

L and I decided it was time for another interstate jaunt, but this time we stuck a little closer to home and headed for Queanbeyan, a country town just across the border in New South Wales.

Queanbeyan is a frugaller's dream, with 4 good op shops within a couple of blocks of each other. The local Salvos, which I call Little Salvos (which was packed as they had a half price sale today):
Big Salvos, which is just across the carpark and which I've been told is actually a branch of the Canberra Salvos (note suitably country-like vehicle pulled up outside!):and which is quite massive...Then across the main road is The Bargain Hunter, which is one of my favorite op shops, partly because I've got some good stuff here but also because I like the architecture:(a supermarket once upon a time?). Oh - and they also had a 50% off sale on summer clothes. Which I don't need, so I didn't look.
I did, as always, check out the selection of haberdashery in the glass display case though!Then we headed out the back door of Bargain Hunters, across the carpark and down the driveway to Vinnieswhich has a huge Auction sign outside which freaked me out until they explained that they are actually moving round the corner to Munaro Street on March 19th.

So what did I find this week?From left to right:
* Groovy froggy cot sheet: 50 cents.
* 2 zips, 50 cents each
* Interesting "set" of wool plaid fabric and 7 matching 25g balls of 4 ply (plus a button and tag) from Munro mills in Scotland: $12.50 the lot. Apparently it used to be quite common to buy bundled wool and fabric to make a skirt and matching cardigan.
* Black and white houndstooth fabric: $5
* Various buttons: $5.40 the lot.* Set of 4 salad serving dishes with stickers still attached to match this bowl. $1 each. Excellent score!Two winter skirts.
* Black pleated Esprit skirt: $5.
* Denim New Look (how on earth did it get from the UK to Queanbeyan?!) skirt: $7
* And an organiser which I bought for the index tabs as the ones in my filofax are looking pretty past it: $5.
And finally:
* 6 brown and white cotton placemats with little village scenes on them: $6.50 the set. I'm still not sure if these will stay whole or get the chop.
* 2 CDs, $3 total
* Book: $3.
(Listening to: Blue Six, Beautiful tomorrow)


rooruu said...

Always enjoy seeing your op shop jaunts and finds - must investigate Queanbeyan next time I'm in Canberra. I remained strong today and convinced myself I did have enough (op shop) shirts for the one-colour quilt I'm planning. Cut new fabric for another quilt instead.

shanna said...

wowie!! that area is a thrifters dream!! i haven't been in a long time...i'm trying to convince myself that i don't need anything if it's going to go into storage the placemats!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I'm beyond jealous and in complete awe. I hail to thee :-)