Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Circles & squares

It's definitely the start of birthday season around here. Last night at Stitch 'n' Bitch Taph presented me with a very large bag which contained (as usual) lots of wonderful goodies she'd collected for me.

I got spotty fabric (in two different weights - one thick for baggy outsides and one think for baggy insides), black and white spotty cups and saucers and more black and cream knitting needles to add to my ever growing collection.
She also had a pile of slide boxes (remember slides?!) full of empty slide frames that she'd rescued from work. They have real glass in them. And each box had been marked "Dolls house windows". Not sure about windows but my head is filled with ideas for quick and easy modern looking dolls house picture frames and maybe even a cool screen when I work out the best way to attach them to each other.

So did I spend my Anzac Day working this out? No, I've been a terribly lazy git and have spent the day reading magazines and knitting. It's grey, overcast and cold and I just couldn't get motivated to get off my bum and run round like a mad thing achieving everything on my To Do list so opted to shorten it to just one (easily achievable) line:

1. Relax and enjoy a midweek day off.

Except I think I need to add one more thing:

2. Bake gluten free cream sponge to take to dinner at J&M's this evening.

(Listening to: Zero 7, When it falls)

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Janette said...

Your new cups and saucers are gorgeous! Lucky you.