Thursday, May 11, 2006

Checking In

Well it's been an interesting couple of days, let me tell you.

I woke up at 3am yesterday morning not feeling too good. By 6am I had been to the loo three times and puked once. This was not good.

But, ever the optimist, I had a shower, got dressed and raced across to the shops to do all those last minute bits and pieces. Had a conversation with the chap in the post office through my post box (he says he enjoys me coming to get my mail because one of the post boxes will suddenly go "Woohoo!" or "Grrr!" depending on what I discover there.) and explained that I was going to be away and the cat sitter would be picking up my parcels, if there were any.

Mizone which is good for dehydrated and upset tummies and staggered back home where a lay down on the sofa sounded like the best idea in the world. And it because clear that going to work was a really dumb idea so it was back to bed with me.

Which is all fine and dandy except I needed to drive to Sydney that afternoon. And I know from past experience that if I did the whole "I'll feel fine by then" routine I wouldn't and would end up having to drive at night. Which is not something I really want to do on only my second long drive.

So at 10:30 ish I got up, packed the car and headed to work just long enough to set my out of office email and fax my time sheet off before hitting the road. With a bucket on the passenger's seat just in case.

Made it to Sydney with a wee sleep in the back of the car at a service centre along the way (and an empty bucket!) and spent the rest of the afternoon dozing on the sofa.

Princess B and Princess M arrived home and held a "Happy 39 and 50 weeks" celebration with delicimo roasted garlic and pumpkin risotto and a rocket salad for dinner, a birthday cake with candles and wishes and lovely presents!

And I felt as sick as a dead dog the whole way through :-(

After an early night and a long sleep I'm feeling almost human again which has been much helped by the discovery at check in that I'm flying business class. Woohoo! So here I am in the Business Class Qantas Club playing on their free internet after eating their free breakfast and wishing it were late enough to justify drinking their free wine. Althought it is 3pm in Los Angeles and 6pm in Philadelphia right now....


mama_tulip said...

Sorry you're feeling sick...hope you're on the mend now.

Sew-Thrifty! said...

Bon Voy-ah-gee, Sherp! Sorry no posts lately - hope to be back with regular correspondence when you return. Enjoy the Thornes! (Do try not to drool toooo much, heehee!) Will miss you greatly!

Pink Rocket said...

OH i'm sorry your feelig sick!! not a good time for it! ack!! feel better!!

have lots of fun!!

Mondo Viaggiatore said...

Glad you're on the mend - business class is so good - madly jealous and just hoping some bumping myself!