Thursday, May 25, 2006

Now and then...

To celebrate my birthday (and make up for the recent lack of pictures round here) let's go for a stroll through the decades... 10 years old and a typical "Pears Girl".10 years later at 20 with my pet rat Rodney (who had a name change to Rodnella when we discovered he was actually a she). Obviously I hadn't quite entered my black and white phase quite yet... And doesn't that hair style look strangely familiar?At my 30th birthday party which was an "A" party. I'm Aphrodite and next to me is Annie Oakey.

(New York was fabbo - too tired to describe it all right now!)


Pink Rocket said...

you haven't changed at all!! except for the hair!!

Anonymous said...

And there I was thinking the US was BEHIND Australia on the international dateline.. but it's still only Fri 26th here! Or perhaps Sherp found a time machine on sale?

Like the hair!