Monday, May 15, 2006

A typical day on board

View from our cabin with the two Betties and the cruise monkey

Greetings from Explorer of the Seas heading towards Bermuda - famous for its shorts.

Here's how today went:

10am: Wake up after being in The Chamber (gothic disco sans gothic music) til 1am10:30am: Shower and get dressed
11am: Breakfast at the Windjammer (fruit salad and yoghurt, cup of tea and rye bread with smoked salmon in case you are interested.)
11:30am: Check the lunch menu in the main dining room and the Windjammer. Decide we're doing the main dining room cause they have Pad Thai
Noon: Check out the stores12:30pm: Wander randomly round the ship
1pm: Go to lunch. Three courses including rice pudding with cherries for afters. Meet some cool people from New York.
2:30pm: Back to the cabin to recover from the thought of a three course lunch
3pm: Scrapbooking class with Nancy. Use all their stamps and paper to make cool stuff to use later4:45pm: Back to cabin to rest and create trip diary. Consider picking up a cookie or two to much on but remember it's formal night so go without.
5:30pm: In the shower and change into something black and slinky
6pm: Dinner. Another opportunity for 3 courses but I stop at just the mushroom linguine and the warm cherry and icecream pudding. Drink 2 glasses of rose.
7:30pm: Formal pictures.
7:45pm: Free booze at the Captain's cocktail party in the Royal Promenade.
8pm: Get picture taken next to cute captain who may as well be a cardboard cutout for all the interest he shows in being there...
8:15pm: Discover where the best place to stand to get first dibs on free champers is and take advantage of discovery
9pm: Stagger to "Wild, Cool and Swingin'" production show. Take up offer of free Blue alcoholic drink even though drinking something blue is against personal convictions....
9:45pm: Realise busting for the loo so climb over a couple of people and thread through casino to find toliets
10:00pm: Arrive back in theatre just in time for end of show
10:15pm: Head to Dizzy's Jazz Bar: Deck 14, overlooking pool and sea and stuff. Flirt mildly with bartender
10:30pm: Get overwhelming urge to visit blog before visiting gothic (in architecture only, dammit) nightclub.

Gotta go - this is costing 50 cents a minute!


Pink Rocket said...

"5:30pm: In the shower and change into something black and slinky" ooh la la!!

notice all the references to food and kind of cruise!! hope you're having a good time and you get the digits for the bartender!

Sew-Thrifty! said...

Atta go, Sherp! Live it up and shop til yah drop! Got yer leetle box! but am waiting until you get home to post on's AWESOME!!! Mads is batty about the "No Carrots For Harry" and Amelia many cool things, it'll be a gas posting it all and the pics! Thanks bunches!
More later!
Big Big Hugs!

Taphophile said...

Excellent day, TSS. :) But scrapbooking?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Closest thing to knitting they had - and alas have found no wool shops in Bermuda so far to appease the itching to do some stiching...

Anonymous said...

Just checking that our little girl's looking after herself.
Sounds as though the cute captain must have been at sea too long!!

Mondo Viaggiatore said...

Hi TSS - last day of work for me today - serious packing and list making going on - AC

Taphophile said...

Voting just about to begin in the Eurovision semi-finals. Tape going strong.