Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time goes by so slowly...

More wonderful birthday goodies today. I'm feeling particularly spoiled this week!

In this morning's mail from Sis was a cool card, US$50 to spend on something fabulous in New York and an article on a couple of people in New Zealand who have set up a similar business to mine.Then this afternoon at our staff meeting I noticed there seemed to be an awful lot more food than there usually is for a meeting of 7 people. And all these extra people milling round. Obviously my poor brain has buggered off to the airport already as I had no inkling this might actually be an afternoon tea for me!

But it was and I was very touched to receive a card full of wonderful birthday messages. Plus a Lincraft gift voucher. Which mysteriously turned into my first pair of pinking shears at the counter of Lincraft. Then I came home and guess what?

I finally decided I should maybe pack. Guess which of these piles is not going with me? And guess who else will be left at home, no matter what she thinks to the contrary? (Soundtrack:
Enigma, The Cross of Changes)


Mondo Viaggiatore said...

TSS - enjoy your trip - I know you will. Especially enjoy your birthday - remember don't take the pinking shears in your carry on!!!!


Pink Rocket said...

hope you have a wonderful trip!! i see your countdown is at 16 hours! you must be on a plane right now! be safe and have lots of fun!!

elizabeth said...

happy, happy birthday to you and i hope you have a wonderful trip!! how lucky are you :)

ps...don't buy too many things ;)