Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Farewell to an old friend...

We'd not really planned to go to IKEA this past weekend when I was in Sydney but then I realised it would be my last ever visit to Moore Park IKEA which is closing down the last Sunday in May (while I'm away). So it became more of a pilgrimage than a simple shopping trip. Sadly they've started emptying it out already so it was a shadow of its former fine self. But in terms of not being tempted to spend money this was somewhat of a blessing..

Moore Park IKEA May 2006

Moore Park IKEA May 1996

IKEA was high on my list of "must visit" places when I was planning to spend my 30th birthday in Sydney - my first trip overseas. My friends had sent me a copy of the catalogue in advance which I drooled over so often in the lead up to the trip I knew it almost by heart! The photo above was taken on my first full day in Sydney, just after I'd been to a scooter shop.

Who need the Opera House and Harbour Bridge when you can get pictures of yourself in scooter shops and IKEA when you travel?!

(And here's an IKEA related link in case you need a giggle)


Pink Rocket said...

ya know? justin has an ikea in kuwait and i don't have one in oregon! i either have to go to california or washington for the nearest one!

i heart ikea!

Fiona said...

We just had an Ikea open here in Adelaide, I've been shamelessly excited about it. What a pity about the Moore Park store, I liked it there!