Sunday, May 14, 2006

It may be 2:30am but I can't sleep :-(

Great - just as I was feeling so smug that I'd acclimatised to the change in time zones. Or maybe I'm just too excited about the fact that in approximately 8 hours and 15 minutes we're heading off to the port to board our cruiseship... Not that I'm counting or anything. Really!

So where were we? Ah yes - Target. shop store of trolley cart stealers. But I get ahead of myself. Target has been on my must see list for a few years especially since
Isaac Mizrahi started designing for them so it was with much excitement that I approached one of my retail meccas. Tried not to hyperventilate as I rummaged round in the Dollar Spot. Also tried not to sob as I realised one of the inherent problems of travelling overseas to arrive at your destination in spring - the fashion is usually crap as you hit that first flush of "Hey it's not winter, we'll make everything mint and lemon and violet and cutesy wutesy." Blerk!

We'd picked up a few bits and pieces - nothing hugely special and were wandering the shelves in the shoe section lamenting the fact that all the shoes I liked weren't in my size when we realised our cart had gone walkabout. We hunted high and low, sidling up to unsuspecting strangers to see if they'd taken a fancy to our stuff and had whipped off with it but with no luck. So we had to start from the beginning, which was probably a good thing as only the stuff we truly wanted we remembered we'd picked up the first time.

I shan't bore you with a list of what I ended up with (all rather odd things to be buying on the other side of the world, suffice to say) but will mention the premier issue of a magazine I bought called
Junk Market Style.Having just found the link for it the reason for a complete lack of subscription information in the magazine becomes clear. Bother!

But the excitement for the day wasn't over yet. Next stop was a dollar store which are far far superior to the $2 shops in Australia. Or maybe I just think that because I haven't seen the stuff 100 times before. Next door was Payless Shoes where I picked a very cute handbag up for a whopping $3 (plus tax, of course!) [Picture to follow] and final destination on the day's Private Tour was a supermarket where we picked up some groceries for dinner - mainly from the huge kosher section because the stuff there seemed to have much less in the way of mystifying ingredients listed on the labels.

(Coming up tomorrow: more highlights of Philadelphia including Walmart and Michaels!)

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Pink Rocket said...

ooh ooh ooh! what a great day! lurve me some target!! hope you're having a good time and are sleeping!