Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Seven sleeps to go...

... And I suppose I should think about what I'm taking. Dragged out my drawings from past trips as a starting point. I think I'll end up just recycling the last one rather than actually have to think about what I'm packing.

See, I've been pretty much wearing the same things every time I've travelled for as long as I can remember (with minor variations). Which can make my trip photos a little, shall we say, monotonous: NZ Royal Tour 2005 (dreaming of business class): white T, black trousers (I think you'll find the denim jacket tied round my bag as it was hot in the airport) Italy 2004: White T (good thing you can't see the gelato splodge in the picture), denim jacket
Russia 2003: black T, black trousers, denim jacket.

New Zealand 2002: There's that black T, denim jacket combo again...New Zealand 2001: Black T (I guess the denim jacket is hanging off the back of the chair.)

I could go on but that would mean finding the old print photos and scanning them in. You get the idea though. My general rule is I only take an item of clothing if it a) doesn't need to be ironed b) can dry within 24 hours (preferably less) after being handwashed in a sink and c) goes with at least 2 other items of clothing I'm taking.

So this evening, instead of thinking any more about packing I pulled out the sewing machine and made the first of three shoe bags for Princess B from the fabric I got last weekend:

(Soundtrack: Hotel Costes Quatre)


Pink Rocket said...

you make drawings? wow! i thought I was the only one that did that!! LOL I pack like 2 weeks ahead of time so that I make sure I don't forget anything and that it stays clean!

your hair in 2003-2004 is cute!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I used to pack 2 weeks ahead of time except a) I got blase and b) most of the stuff I travel with I wear regularly in everyday life...

my house is cuter than yours said...

wow! your shoes are lucky to have such a cute bag!

MARYBETH said...

well, you could embellish the jacket perhaps transferring some drawing, photos and journaling onto printable fabric iron on or transfers then making your jacket a wearable journal!
Enjoy your journey!