Saturday, May 27, 2006

Next time in New York...

There were many many things we didn't get to in New York. Amongst them were The Empire State Building (although I saw it from afar many times), The Flatiron Building, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Coney Island (which I believe isn't actually open for the season yet anyway).On our last day in New York we (of course) had breakfast at the Wholefood Market to fortify us for the walking ahead then caught the subway to The Rockefeller Center so I could at least imagine I was iceskating there (I've always wanted to iceskate at the Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve for some odd reason).Nearby was apparently the New York branch of Mary Quant but it mysteriously disappeared and we couldn't find it. Other places we didn't get to visit were the Museum of Arts and Design (which had a very fine looking exhibition on the Eames Armchair which I could see from the gift shop) and The Museum of Modern Art (which had an excellent gift shop with a Canberra made Fink jug for saleand a very small range of Muji products). We really were planning to actually visit MOMA but the queue was a terrifying length so we ran away.

We almost went on a sightseeing cruise but the times were bad for us so instead as a final New York experience we jumped in a taxi (unfortunately not
The Cash Cab) and headed for The Magnolia Bakery to pick up cupcakes for Nancy. None for us as we were all caked out by then...Wandered back across to pick up our bags which we'd left a the hotel and got sidetracked in Kiehls which was just round the corner. Princess B found some lovely new skincare products to take home and we both discovered rather acceptable coffee at the inhouse cafe, Mud.Even better, the coffee was free as we were browsing!

From New York we bounced back to Philly for the night where I had to try and fit all the crap wonderful souvenirs I had collected into my suitcase and we had to fit that, the dollshouse, Princess B's bag, me and Princess B into Joe's car for the trip to the airport. Eek!

On a random note, you've heard about that book where a guy
travels round Ireland with a fridge? I'm thinking I could do similar and call it All over America with a dollshouse except I'm not sure it would have quite the readership...

Anyway, here we are in Chicago which is a whole new story in itself. Still no way to load photos which I'm sure is frustrating you with lack of interesting things to look at as much as me not being able to share them.

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Pink Rocket said...

aww...sorry you missed some places!

hope chicago is fun!