Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday "Frugal and Free" File

1. Frugal. Can I count my cruise to Bermuda? Can I? Can I?

At US$324.41 for 5 nights (including accommodation, food and entertainment. Plus the little matter of transport to Bermuda and back) that works out at US$64.88 a night (or AU$84.17). Cheaper, I would say, than being on land. Hehehe (sorry had to add that last bit!)

2. Free. E at work was doing a cleanout at home and gave me a bag of fabric. Two huge massive lengths - one lovely 70s green, the other 70s red. And check out the cool vintage bag they're in - so old it's in again!

(Let me know if you'd like some of either length - I have more than enough to share!)

3. Free. The team at work went out for a drink (and, for some, dinner) last night. V and I kicked on afterwards at Candybar and she bought me a birthday cocktail.

I also got my first birthday present this week. Oddly I seem to forget that birthdays involve the receiving of presents so they always come as a bit of a surprise. I now have my very own copy of From Thrift to Fantasy and a lovely crisp $50 note to be spent on something special thanks to Mum and Dad.


Mondo Viaggiatore said...

Can N be my friend too?

Pink Rocket said...

birthday??? when????

The Shopping Sherpa said...

40th birthday: 24th May 2006, New York City.

I share the day with Bob Dylan, Queen Victoria and (as I discovered this morning) Bermuda Day. Any country that has a national day on my birthday is AOK with me!