Saturday, May 06, 2006

What's that girl up to?

Hello Dear Readers

I'm worried about The Shopping Sherpa. She seems to be in complete denial (and we're not talking about a river in Egypt) so I thought I'd step in (since I have such beautifully large feet)

You've been asking for a clearer idea of exactly what she's up to over the next few weeks and she's obviously too addle brained to take the hint so I took the liberty of pulling out her trusty filofax and compiling the following for your entertainment and edification:

Thursday May 11th: She flies Sydney - LA - Denver - Philadelphia. Poor deluded fool seems to think she'll be able to wrangle an upgrade to Business Class.

Friday 12 & Saturday 13th: Staying with Nancy (Queen of Everything) and Joe. Shopping at Target, Kmart and various thrift shops. Generally hanging out.

Sunday 14th: Off to the ship with The Queen of Everything for a 5pm sailing out of New York harbour.

Monday 15th: All at sea.

Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th: Hamilton, Bermuda

Thursday 18th: At sea. Probably racing round like a mad thing trying to fit in all the activities. Although I did hear her mutter last night while admiring
Scott Hamilton's bald head on Skating with Celebrities (which I was quite shocked to find her watching, I have to say!) that she might try to spend the entire cruise learning how to iceskate properly....

Friday 19th: Back to Philadelphia to prepare for the arrival of Princess B of Libraria who arrives that day.

Saturday 20th: General touristy things in Philadelphia probably including a Farmer's Market (I've told her to bring back carrots for yours Trudy truly but she ignored me - see what I have to put up with?) General sulking because it would appear she won't be able to watch Eurovision for the first time in years. Princess B will be eating a cheese steak.

Sunday 21st: Atlantic City with Nancy and Joe, Princess B, and Kelly and Andy from a previous cruise (Nancy and Joe in the back row, Kelly and Andy in the front) for the official birthday celebration. I believe there is rumblings of a visit to see the Poseidon Adventure at IMAX to mark the gathering of 5 cruisers.

How lucky is this girl that she gets to have a birthday do on the other side of the world with 5 people she knows and likes? Nancy did offer to invite some people she didn't like just to balance things out but TSS gracefully declined that kind offer...

Monday 22nd: Recovering in Philadelphia.

Tuesday 23rd: Princess B and TSS head to New York!

Wednesday 24th: The official birthday. No doubt she will be driving Princess B nuts by constantly singing "
I will sing, sing a new song" as she has been doing for the past week at least. If luck holds they'll both be going to see Spamalot with cheapy tickets. Otherwise there will be general random wandering and experiencing and eating and drinking of birthday cocktails.

Thursday 25th: The Old Fart Shopping Sherpa and Princess B will be recovering from the day before and heading back to Philadelphia.

Friday 26th: Nancy (Queen of Everything) and Joe are finally left in peace as TSS and PB pack their bags (and a large dolls house) and fly to Chicago.

Saturday 27th - Monday 29th: There will be much visiting of excellent architecture and dolls houses, eating of cheesecake and riding on Ferris Wheels. If there has not been any bowling so far in the trip that will be happening as well as a viewing of X Men 3.

Tuesday 30th: Final day in the USA. TSS flies to LA and has a day there where she plans to see some more good architecture.

Wednesday 31st: Lost forever in a time shift.

Thursday 1st June: TSS arrives in Sydney where she will spend a day or two or three recovering before driving home.

Love and carrots


Pink Rocket said...

you are jammed packed with lots of stuff! wave if you fly over!!

i'll send carrots.

Trudy Bunny said...

Just not real ones. Customs won't like that :-(

Trudy Bunny said...

Oh and I'm not invited! I have to stay home and make sure the cat sitter does good by Sir Nibbs.

Rachel said...

Sounds jam packed with excitement. Holler if you need ideas for things to do in NYC or Philly. I'm conveniently situated between both.