Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh My!

I've decided I like birthdays. I particularly like 40th birthdays.

Today there was an interesting looking box waiting for me at the Post Office from my pal Kerry in Melbourne...Cool wrapping (including a new black and white button for my collection - I'm happy already) Inside a groovy black box with a hand drawn daisy on it (I loooove boxes so could stop now and life would be just peachy)

But wait, there's more! Inside I find

A JAM FANCY DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yessiree I am the proud owner of Sensible Girl Hero.

I'm in complete and utter shock and must take her to work to show off. I fear I'll be pulling her out of her box and shoving her in complete stranger's faces on the bus going "Look! Look!! I got a Jam Fancy doll for my birthday!!"

Kerry, you're a star. I owe you a very very large cocktail next time I'm down for Retro.


mama_tulip said...

That's one cool doll.

Anonymous said...

Yay! And y'know, when I walked into the show, she was the only one still waiting for an owner.. she was meant to be for you.
K :-D

Pink Rocket said...

WOW!! what a great gift!!! mailing yours out tomorrow!! hee hee hee