Saturday, May 20, 2006

How to miss Philadelphia in one day

Today Princess B and I made it into the middle of town to see the important sights of the City of Brother Lee Love Brotherly Love.

First stop was the
City Hall followed by a tour of the jumbo sized monopoly pieces across the road including princess B's least favorite thing: The Iron.We also visited the jumbo dominoes (which The Shopping Sherpa tried to take home for her front lawn)the Love sculptureand the giant clothespinwhich TSS also wanted to steal and take home.

Then we went for a walk and got a bit lost so after asking a couple of friendly policemen we finally found the Information Centre and discovered (luckily) that the tickets for Liberty Bell and Independence Hall had all been taken. So we went and got some culture at the shopping centre in town then took the
Phlash on a loop up to try and find the animation exhibition which we discovered wasn't going to open til after we left town.

So we gave up on the culture and took the Phlash back into town where TSS visited the temples of H&M and The Gap before we strolled down Avenue of the Arts to South Street, a funky groovy area of town where we found a wonderful Wholefood supermarket with real food which caused much jubilation after a diet of brown brown and brown (of the wrong sort)

Princess B was after shoes but when we finally made it to the shop we discovered they were cheaper in Australia so we headed back into town past Library Street and onto the train back home.

Souvenirs purchased: 1 black cord hat, black beads, Princess tiara and sash(TSS). Princess tiaras (x 3), dark chocolate covered almonds and health bars (PB). Postcards: 0.

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Pink Rocket said...

please say there will be pics of the tiaras and sashes!!!