Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No sleep in Canberra (and no cookies in the Library)

No, not my photos, I'm afraid, but lifted from Flickr (the first unattributed but doing the rounds of email and Flickr like you wouldn't believe, the second from Marblegravy who has lots of other great photos of the aftermath here)

All on the second to last night of summer. Urgh! The hail wasn't quite as bad here but enough to make me decide sleeping was just not going to be a happening thing last night (although I obviously managed to do some sleeping as I had a wonderful dream where I discovered David Jones was selling fabric for 500% off (really! It was written plainly on the bolts!) plus all proceeds went to Oxfam.

I wonder - was that the girly equivalent of a wet dream?)

Oh - and to finish off the month and the season, one final silly library video:

(Listening to: New Order, Waiting for the siren's call)


feli said...

When I first saw the picture, I really thought it was snowing in Summer in Canberra. LOL...

Carson said...

Yeah I thought it was snow too