Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Treasure Trove Tuesday*

(*As I'm way overdue for Second Hand Saturday) An exciting pile of goodies! From the top:
* 1932 edition of A Child's garden of verses (with beautiful illustrations): $1.
* Monica McInerny's Family Baggage (the rest of her books are Irish/ Australian rollicking good reads, I hope this carries on the tradition...): $4
* (Cue the applause soundtrack) 4 Maxwell Williams White Basics dinner plates: $1 each.
* Various pieces of vintage fabric (ex curtains, sheets and doona covers): $18 total (see below for my favourite two patterns)
* U2 by U2 sans dust jacket: $8. I can cope without a dust jacket if it means saving at least $36.95 on the Big W price (or $67 on full retail)!

As promised, here's a closer look at the cot sheet (with robots) and the curtains (with daisies):But wait! There's more!
1950s shabby chic style magazine rack: $7. I'm not sure if the gold bits are original or an afterthought. Either way I think I'll be trying to repaint the flowers back to white:190g Anny Blatt 70% angora/ 30% wool: $10 the lot. Each 20g ball has an original David Jones wool department price sticker of $19.95 on it. That was one fiendishly expensive wool!And, finally, here's a collection of vintage buttons and buckles I bought for 5 cents each:It wasn't til we were back in the car that Princess B pointed out that I'd bought them off Monica from Playschool. As usual I'm crap at spotting famous faces. Especially from TV...
(Listening to: Roddy Frame, Surf)
Oh - I almost forgot to mention - if you're in Sydney and after Stella McCatney for Target clothing we stumbled across three racks of it at Target at Burwood Westfield.


rhiannon said...

that robot fabric is to die (or kill?) for. Well maybe not.. but it's bloody awesome. You have a great eye for great stuff. great.

Helen said...

that is one lovely magazine rack! and great fabrics and wool, too.

I went opshopping this morning and got so much great stuff my head is hurting - lotsa wool, two beautiful cotton sheets to cut up for skirts etc, a kids gardening book, a retro knitting needle bag, a linen poppy tea towel, a stone roses cd...and there was more but I forget...


Op shop heaven...
x Helen x

Cosy said...

I'm a bit of a famous-people-spotter but never draw attention to them because DP usually gets overexcited and silly. Monica, hey? Gave me a giggle!

I love the flowery and robboty fabric! Yum!