Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Did I say pointless? Silly me!

I just happened to end up at Kmart at lunchtime today (no idea how that happened!) and ended up with yet more wool to add to the stash. Oops...

It was on special! See that pile of black balls of wool on the left? Clinker. Pure wool. 10 x 100g balls. 50 cents each. Which makes a grand total of $5 for (possibly) two jumpers. The only problem is I'm not sure what ply it is as the last lot of Clinker I picked up for Taph was 12 ply. This is unlabeled but looks like 12 ply. Fingers crossed it is because it would be perfect for the knit.1 cabled hoodie.

And on the right, 10 x 100g balls of whitey/ creamy Clinker pure wool. Now this is where it all gets a bit odd. This lot are marked "8 ply" (but look oddly the same weight as the black "12 ply" and seem to have the same needle suggestions and swatch sizes) They were exorbitantly expensive compared to the black at a whopping $2.98 per 100g ball. That's around 6 times more expensive than the black. Go figure.

And if that wasn't enough stash enhancement, my neighbour dropped off a black jumper she knitted ages ago which is now far to big for her. She thought I could maybe reuse the wool - so, after washing it, I'll be attempting my first wool recycling project in the very near future...

I just hope that my slightly runny nose is caused by all this wool swirling round and not the onset of another visit by The Snot Monster.
(Listening to: Massive Attack, Blue Lines)

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shanna said...

wow! that's a good deal! even for the white you can't even buy acrylic around here for that little.

p.s. sending you the toothbrushes and a bleach pen tomorrow. not sure if you needed a bleach pen but i was at the grocery store and saw it...thought of you.