Friday, April 27, 2007

Money, madness & a meeting

Money: On the way to the post office this morning I found $20 on the ground. Looked around to see if I could see the owner (no luck). So now I have a conundrum - do I hand it in to the police?

I found $50 a couple of years ago and took that to the police station - where they looked at me like I was insane but took it anyway. 3 months later I went and picked it up from them with a clear conscience.

But $20 seems such a small amount. But maybe not to the person who lost it. So perhaps I should ring the police and see what they suggest - they may have a minimum they'll accept as lost property.

Madness: I received a letter from my bank offering to increase my personal (car) loan to $30,000. I won't, of course, but it leaves me wondering how insane the banking system is these days when I could (scarily easily) arrange access to over $50,000 worth of consumer debt. Without any surety!

As it is I could go on a spending spree to the value of $21,500 without my financial institutions batting an eyelid. In fact they'd all probably immediately send me letters offering to increase my credit limits.

Meeting: Twitchy Fingers bagsed my spare Canberra book and today I met her for coffee to do the handover. Taph was right, she's lovely and I hope to see more of her in the future without me having to run off to another (work) meeting.

(Listening to: Aztec Camera, Love)

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shanna said...

i'd keep it...most people don't realize they've dropped their money until it's too late and they usually don't report it a missing. now if it were a much larger amount (hundreds or more) i'd turn it in to the police. most people who lose money figure once it's lost it's gone forever.

my MIL has the best of luck finding money! she once bought a thrift store cookbook and found $400 in it! they couldn't locate the owner of the book so she kept it.