Thursday, April 05, 2007


I so need a break. Thinking of doing another Fiscal Fast (well, I'll have a 4 day lead by the end of the weekend, won't I? Plus the only op shops open this Saturday are Salvos Mitchell and Tuggeranong).

Have a pile of big To Do things to deal with (including stuff rolled over from my disastrous Christmas break) to feel like things are back in some semblance of order. I may well ban myself from the computer for the weekend as well (will think about that overnight).

On a good note, though, my end of month accounts show a gratifying downward trend in my level of debt even with the purchase of a new car stereo. I'm one happy chappess!

But I'm wondering if it's terribly wrong to not have eaten a single Easter egg or hot cross bun. My excuse is Woolworths never came through with Cadburys marshmallow eggs this year. *Whimper*.

I'm off to drink some $4.47 a litre wine (scandalous, I know, after the $1.97 a bottle stuff!) and watch a $2 video of Carry on Cruising which I'm sure will be great fun. Have a great long weekend, however you spend it!

(Listening to: Laurie Anderson, Big Science)

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Kristin said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have eaten enough HC buns and Easter candy for both of us.

The word verification for this comment is 'winkr'. I like this very much, it sounds like flickr's companion dating site.