Sunday, April 22, 2007

I got up to all sorts of adventures - but forgot my camera!

Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway. I went to Kingston Bus Depot Markets where, I discovered, it was Portobello Road Day so the Foreshore Space was full of wonderful vintage goodies. But my wallet was full of not very much at all so I headed purposefully up the ramp to buy my lavender then back down the ramp to graze the free samples and make mental notes of what to buy next time I visit. When I will have some money.

Since I was on that side of town anyway I popped into the National Gallery and finally saw The birth of the modern poster exhibition (would link to some lovely Secession posters they had except they aren't on the NGA website due to copyright. Bah!) and headed upstairs to Grace Crowley: Being Modern which I felt rounded out the trio of Grace Cossington Smith, The Proctor and Margaret Preston exhibitions I've seen over the past few years (but did nothing at all for me, unfortunately)

Forgot completely to go see Nigel Sutton doing Robbie the Rat storytime at the National Museum - I suspect he would be rather pleased I did after last time I saw him...

Home again I discovered while reading the junk mail that Spotlight has started stocking Lion Brand wool yarn. Just in case you'd like to know.

I'd planned to make butterfly cakes with my new rhubarb and strawberry jam but alas was one egg short so it never happened. Instead I went down to check out the new Officeworks store in Braddon (it's like a mini version of Fyshwick - very cute but also very very dangerous...)

Add in a little knitting, some reading of a new blog I've discovered and some major Salmonella Dub listening (excellent car music!) and you have my Sunday.

(Listening to: Various, Say cheese!: Ultimate one hit wonders)

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