Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

Sheesh - it would seem I cause a lot of angst amongst my friends with this post but the reality is not as dramatic as (possibly) imagined. But I appreciated the phone calls and the delivery of wine (attached to an ear to listen).

The outcome is that I've just paid my deposit on a 16 night cruise to Singapore that I didn't even know existed this time last week with my preferred cruise line. And have dealt with the fact this year was the year I was supposed to be clearing my debt, not buying cruises.

I've become a master of justification and have even managed to swing a trip to Melbourne to attend a Eurovision party using Frequent Flyer points (something I swore I'd never do - use points to buy flights, not attend a Eurovision Party!)

What I like about this cruise is that I only have to pay for airfares one way . That there is no pressing architectural "must see" or miniature marvel. And that there are 8 sea days. An actual holiday with nothing to do. Ahhhhh.....

(Listening to: Strawpeople, Count backwards from 10)

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Taphophile said...

A sea voyage? How glamorous! Almost as exotic as a Eurovision party in Melbourne. Both sound great. :)