Thursday, April 12, 2007

A plea to my UK readers

Hello lovely people

I need toothbrushes. And I rather like the Boots basic two packs I picked up last time I was in your corner of the world (but the Sainsbury's version looks just as good). The problem is nowhere that I can find in Australia stocks plain white basic toothbrushes.

And I'm not due back in the UK til around this time next year.

So is there anyone who fancies buying me a stash and posting them to me in exchange for your choice* of Aussie goodies?

(*Within reason - I'm not posting you Hugh Jackman, for instance. Or the Sydney Harbour Bridge!)

(Listening to: Human League, Octopus)


Anita said...

Hello there, I would be happy to do that for you. How many packs are you after?
As for an exchange, I am very keen on Vita-Wheat!

Taphophile said...

Will you post Hugh Jackman locally? Or I could come over and collect. :p

KARA said...


I would be happy to buy you some and send, as I saved some money last week bu doing one of your spend no money for 7 days lol, it was murder though. LOL.
send me your addy and will sort out this week.

lazylol said...

If you need any more, give me a shout!

pinar said...

hi there..
would you like some white turkish tooth brushes =)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks Anita and Kara - I'll take you up on your offer (two deliveries should keep me in toothbrushes til, oh, around 2012 - it's just a pity Macleans pristine whitening is no longer produced in the sexy black and silver packaging to match..)

Taph: Sorry, no go (especially if you've not got any white toothbrushes to swap - and no, painting them doesn't count)

Pinar: Lovely to hear from you. Was a bit concerned about your sudden disappearance from the blogging world - hoped my chocolate hadn't poisoned you ;-))