Monday, April 09, 2007

$6.50 doesn't buy much these days...

Maybe a glass of house wine at your local wine bar.

Or coffee for you and a friend.

Perhaps three sushi rolls.

The latest issue of Madison or Marie Claire (actually I think they're now more expensive than that...)

Or enough wool to knit yourself a pirate jumper for winterusing most of the Nundle I bought here (not impressed with it, by the way - thank goodness it was only 50 cents a ball and the jumper is for weekend use only) and some white I got here.

I had a lovely productive (but lazy) Eater weekend:

* Ended up with a chocolate Easter bunny to eat but passed on the Hot Cross Buns.

* Finished (finally!) putting the photos from my USA trip last May into my trip diary. (You have no idea how happy I am to have finished this!)

* Completed my pirate jumper (Less than a month from go to whoa. I'm impressed but misjudged the time it would take so the only place I can wear it at the moment is the beer fridge at Macs Liquor unless I want to die of heat stress...)

* Bought the buttons for E's dinosaur hoodie and sewed them on. (Do you know how difficult it is to find 5 buttons of the same design in 4 different colours that match the wool you used?)

* Sewed the domes on TSS's alter ego's hoodie.

* Caught up with V and spent the morning op shopping with her in Tuggeranong.

* Bought a new Tefal non stick frying pan at 40% off.

* Made the first two pots of soup for the season and filled the freezer up with containers of it (and pasta bake)

* Made zucchini and parmesan muffins (real)

* Made cupcakes (not real - knitted ones which I want to add dried lavender to and present as gifts at an afternoon tea I've been invited to next month. Photos to come, probably late next weekend unless someone knows of a place apart from Kingston Markets where you can buy dried lavender)

* Caught up on some reading.

* Did piles of washing and ironing and other general boring but necessary houseworky type stuff.

How was your Easter weekend?

(Listening to: David Bowie, Singles Collection)


shellyC said...

What a fabulous jumper - well Done!!

Olivia said...

The jumper is great! I love it. I have made progress on a few things this weekend but you have been really productive!

Lara said...

Love the jumpere - where is the pattern from? I just bought wool to do the baby version from Knit 1, but of course it's the wrong gauge.....

Anonymous said...

you didn't hear it from me ... but there are lovely and bountiful lavender bushes near the Music School at the ANU. They should be ripe for the "borrowing" at this time of year!!!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Lara

I used a random crew neck jumper pattern I already had (Patons Book 1252 but any would have done - next time I'll take an inch off the sleeves and add it to the body), the Knit.1 graph and striped the sleeves.

COuld you use the wool you have for the baby jumper, another pattern (in that wool) for the pattern and just swipe the graph from Knit.1?

Anonymous: Thanks for the heads up about the bushes. I'm embarrassed to say I have a lovely huge rampaging one of my own under the laundry window but don't know the first thing about how to go about preparing it for sachets (or when the best time to do it is). Google here I come, I suspect...

Taphophile said...

Shiver me, that's a damn fine jumper! What a productive woman you've been.

Lavendar needs to be harvested and dried, I'm afraid. The English Lavendar is best for this. Used to be able to get bags of it in the $2 shops.

Rachel said...

I LOVE your jumper. ARGH! Where I live it's called a sweater. I want to start a jumper revolution. It sounds way more fun.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Rachel
Of course! In your part of the world a jumper is like a pinafore that you wear over something, right?

And you've probably not heard the bad Antipdean joke which goes:

Q: What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?
A: A wooly jumper....

(Boom boom)