Thursday, April 01, 2010

Don't put your daughter on the stage...

I found The Canberra Theatre part of our tour more interesting than The Playhouse, mainly because The Canberra Theatre is older and thus grubbier and messier and full of character.
Which kind of made up for the fact there were no clean and bright fire stairwells to get up to the top of it, just metal ladder after metal ladder (after metal ladder):With lots of interesting bits and pieces to look at along the way
up into the roof. (Which gave me flashbacks to
the attic of the Doge's Palace in Venice)It's a very very long way away from the stage.We got a full explanation of how things work up there before climbing back down another set of laddersto the stage, where we could look up and see exactly where we'd been:Next stop was the sound and lighting area at the back of the theatre:
with walls covered in chalk art created over the years by Technicians passing the time: Then it was back down the skinny stairs to the Link for sandwiches and drinks to finish the evening off.
Thanks for joining me on a virtual backstage tour of the theatres. I hope you found it as fascinating as I did!

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