Monday, April 26, 2010

I give up

I woke up this morning mentally exhausted. Tried the normal tricks to jolly myself out of bed with no luck. Dragged myself into my workroom with my morning cup of tea, dodging the supplies that had exploded off the worktable all over the floor in yesterday's creative frenzy.

Sat down to read a few bloggy updates before I started work on the book. Realised as I was reading I was jealously thinking "I wish I had time to do that. And that. And that."

And then I read this and this. And decided that I should listen to my poor overworked brain and HAVE A DAY OFF.

Off off. Not a day spent catching up on stuff from my to do list "off". In fact I may just declare today a Doona Day.


Michelle said...

A Doona Day sounds perfect and much needed. Hope you enjoy it!!

susan said...

Our next door neighbour is an old Norwegian man who tells of collecting the doona (down)in Autumn for his mother to re-stuff the family quilts. He was also responsible for gathering moss which was used to fill the gaps in the wooden walls of their house and tending the tile-covered house that heated their rooms. When I am having a doona day I think of his life and snuggle even more. Thanks for the update on The Collectors - keenly anticipated.

susan said...

stove - not house - that heated their rooms. "Undercover" typing is not good for accuracy!