Thursday, April 01, 2010

It would seem I'm fated to never see The Collectors

Remember the original airing date for my segment on The Collectors? And how at that stage I was pretty sure I was going to be busy that night?

Well, today this turned up in my mailbox:
Friday the 30th? That would be the evening I'm planning to drive to Sydney for the following morning's miniature show.

I suppose I could watch it on the Monday. But first I'd have to work out what exactly ABC 2 is and where I find it on my TV. Looks like the vodcast is still the way to go (or just waiting and watching the DVD...)


m1k1 said...

Timing! All the miniaturists setting up for the show will be 'out' at that time, too. I'm ok. I've got Collectors set to automatically record every week, so I won't miss out.

Sally said...

Oh no!!! Could you not pull in to the Sutton Forest roadshop when it is on air and watch it there???

I am so excited. I've never really watched the show but I will certainly be watching that episode. SO SO SO VERY exciting.

The Old Flame said...

I can recommend the Restaurant at Truck stop 31 at Marulan. and they might change the channel on the tele for you.