Friday, April 09, 2010

In which I'm not featured in The New York Times

David Azia for The New York Times

Remember I said I had been contacted by someone from The New York Times?

The article ran in today's paper. And the only (oblique) mention I get is my Modern Miniatures FLICKR group

Oh well, that's life in the newsroom.

It's a great article though, with some fabulous photos in the slideshow.


Sarah said...

Oh I saw the article and visited your miniatures group(again!) As soon as I started to read the article I thought of you. I am surprised your name was not mentioned.

*annina* said...

I was so surprised that they didn't feature you and almost a bit embarrassed as YOU are the real queen of modern miniatures! And Mini Modern of course who wasn't mentioned either... we know you are!

petitenouveau said...

I agree whole heartedly with everything Annina said. :)

My Realitty said...

Ha ha. Too funny. I was interviewed too. Kate had never heard of a Kalidescope House when I spoke to her. Oese was interviewed too. I was hoping she would show Wes Christensen's MH1 house. More2view

Mini Dork said...

Kate interviewed a lot of people that she didn't mention in the article, but I was surprised to not see you there (and Modern MC). You are the ones that inspired most of us to start blogging in the first place. :D Thanks for keeping us going all of these years!

Rebecca said...

Bummer. Great article, but how hard would it have been to include your blog name (and ModernMCs, and Raum fuer Raum, in the bit where she says that there are also people in Australia, Germany, etc? Then at least readers could have looked your blogs up. Hopefully they'll follow links from the ones that were mentioned.
I find it quite interesting, though, that the perspective readers would get of the world of modern minis and modern mini blogging, is quite different from how people in that world see it. Just goes to show what a partial picture newspaper articles give!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I don't see myself as a Queen, more as a trail blazer who cut the track for others to follow (and improve on).

As I wrote to Kate:
"It's a very exciting time for modern miniatures with a number of great blogs approaching the subject from different views. A friend of mine told me a couple of years ago that I'd singlehandedly created a renaissance in miniatures: I'm not sure I agree but I know my blog and exhibition have provided food for thought (and inspiration) for a number of people.

What I'm noticing is a shift in the way the miniature hobby is being approached. On one hand I see a number of bloggers who create a scene, document it for their blog and then dismantle the pieces for use next time. They reuse the same space (for instance their Kaleidoscope Houses) and create different scenes: a bathroom one day, an architect's office the next and a bedroom scene the week after.

On the other, blogs, websites and other social media have meant people are able to connect, share information and draw inspiration very quickly these days. And these means are a two way street rather than, say, 10 or 20 years ago when I remember hanging out for the new edition of the miniature magazines I subscribed to in the hope there would be some mention somewhere of the modern end of the hobby.

I'm also seeing a rise in the use of miniautres in art work. I'm not sure if this is because the age of the creators make them of a generation who had modern dolls houses as children or what's causing it. New York artist Jane Freeman has been working in miniature for many years, using found items to create urban scenes. Krista Peel ( and Rachel Whiteread ( both utilise miniature pieces in their work. And I'm lusting after a new book called Mixed-Media Dollhouses: Techniques and Ideas for Doll-size Assemblages ( which pushes that whole miniatures in art idea even futher.

Perhaps, in an uncertain world, people are drawn to an environment that they can control: that's safe and secure and brings back memories of carefree childhood days?"

Rebecca: you're quite right. I worked for 5 years managing the Library for an evening newspaper so got a good idea of what's seen as newsworthy and how my "reality" can be skewed when written about by someone who is filling a hole in a newspaper from their point of view.

This is why I'm never very excited by being featured in the media as I have no control over the outcome or how I am depicted.

callsmall said...

Thanks for sharing your quote to the reporter. It is fantastic and great to hear your perspective. There is no question in my mind that you are an inspirational trail blazer in the mini mod realm. You were certainly an inspiration for me getting started with a blog, and I daily come to yours for news, laughs, and lovely pictures (especially of your collection of houses). I, too, thought it very unfortunate that you were not mentioned by name in the article, but at least we can hope that the piece drives attention to the hobby/movement! I totally concur with your point on the lack of control when it comes to media; I deal with it as part of my job, so it's a professional nod of the head as well. Once you open yourself up to do media, you have to let go and let fate take its course, which is not always a comfortable spot. THANK YOU for all you do, and do so well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, get over it. So she didn't post about you! Big Deal. I love what you have done and can do with miniatures, but when do you ever post about them. I've seen more about knitting and drawing than DH's which is what I really want to see. There are plenty of others not mentioned, but as far as I can tel, they aren't posting about an article that they are not featured in. They are celebrating for the ones featured! If it's that big a deal to you, take it up with the editor, instead of crying to us about it!

Pubdoll said...

Both you and Mini Modern should of course have been mentioned, but as Annina said, we know who you are, and we know what you both have meant for the modern mini world.

And thank you very much for sharing what you wrote to Kate, I thought it was very interesting to read, and too bad for the article it wasn't included there!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Anonymous

I'm sorry if you feel that my post was "crying to you" about not meing included in the article and I need to "get over it".

I posted about the article because I had previously mentioned being contacted by the writer and felt the need to "wrap that story up" on the blog and also create a permalink to what is a very thorough and worthwhile article.

Thanks also for the input about the content of my blog. Some blogs are about a particular subject (like dolls houses or knitting) other blogs are about a particular person and their life.

My blog falls into the second category (probably because my biggest influences when I started blogging were Soule Mama and Loobylu, who also have a "life blog") and so reflects what I'm doing at that particular time.

That might be preparing for a miniautre exhibition (which is when the posts about my houses were written), studying design, knitting a winter jumper, going to a mini show, or starting a new drawing challenge.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I never realized that. Sorry if I sounded mean. I just felt that we don't always get everything in life. I stil hope to see more miniatures though too. Yours are the best around and I felt that you talking about an article you were not featured in... Well if you had just talked more about minis here, then they would have posted you. I just am craving more of your designs and would love to see them!

petitenouveau said...

Shameless plug but I made a little set up in your honor on my blog this morning. You are a huge inspiration and we wouldn't have been the same without your trailblazing :)

LifeAdorned said...

bummer! but thanks to the buzz, i found you anyway and am now enjoying following along. yay!

Mini Dork said...

If you're not interested in reading all of the other things TSS writes about, you can use the label feature to filter only Doll house miniatures (there is only like 4 years of amazing posts on the topic)

I personally get a kick out of how her budget is spent and journeys along the way.

Modern MC said...

Whoa...I am late to this party. My email box and phone have been flooded with "why aren't you in the NYTimes?" over and over...and over. I greatly appreciate everyone's kind words and concern about my blog and my It's cool that people care.

Actually, I am glad that I wasn't in the article---mostly because it would have sucked being the "ugly chic" alongside the beauty of Annina and Christine. Oh, the horror! Chuckles.

Seriously, although the "exclusion" doesn't resonate for me, I do wish the article had featured more artists like you, Anna-Maria and had expanded upon others who were mentioned in a blip. Your note to the writer about the movement of the hobby was so on point.

Goodness--did anyone ever guess that there would be this much politics involved with collecting modern miniatures?! Whew!

Well, one thing is for sure, we all seem to stick together. You mess with one (or say something incredibly rude and unnecessary like 'get over it') and we all come out swinging.

Damn...We're gonna have to memorize Sondheim lyrics, start snapping our fingers when we walk all badass and get some jackets...Anna-Maria, you sew, right? Smiles.

The House of Lisa said...

It´s fun to see some colleagues on the other side of the globe!
Great blog you have!

doris/minimodernistas said...

Hello all,
I am grateful that The Times mentioned me (minimodernistas), but disappointed that they left out Sherpa and others as well. That's right, we do not always get what we want, but a high tide does raise all boats...and any attention to this growing movement is a good thing. Next time, let's hope that all of us are mentioned. Sherpa, love your dollhouse posts!