Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Saturday: sorting and scones

Another day spent pottering around home, keeping an eye out for twinges of regret that I'm not up the road stalking Eddi Reader.

It's rather wonderful to unexpectedly have enough free time to slow down and move at a whole different rhythm, getting things done but with no feeling of rushing.

One of the things I'm especially pleased about is making time to empty all my wool stash suitcases and bags onto the workroom floor
sort the resulting pile out and repack the suitcases (and some plastic bins gifted by my benefactor) in a much more logical (to me at least) way so I might actually manage to find what I'm looking for. And fit it into a smaller space. Now all I need to do is track down some old fashioned luggage labels to tie onto the handles and my task is complete.

I made scones for afternoon tea. Fancy cinnamon pinwheel ones. And I invited Cycling S around to share them with me:
(I'm loving the fact that the only things bought new in the picture above are two teaspoons and the knife. Oh, and the coffee table.)

And in case you think I've given up What I wore today already:

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Jo said...

I saw Eddie Reader today. Wow is it expensive to get in!